FeMani Wand Kit Dilators, Size 1 and 2

FeMani Wand Kit Dilators, Size 1 and 2

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FeMani Wand Kit Dilators, Size 1 and 2

Dilators are used by trans women, intersex people, and non-binary people who have had gender confirmation surgery to create a vaginal opening and vulva.  The role of dilators is to maintain the size/shape, health, and flexibility of the vaginal canal after surgery.  Dilators are used with lubricants in a manner and frequency that is recommended by your surgeon and care providers.

The FeMani Vibrating Massage Wand is an FDA registered therapeutic vibrator to address issues in sexual health. These wand kits provide variable vibration, an easy-to-hold handle and different sized ends so that you can choose just the right size for your comfort.

These vibrating wands may be recommended by your doctor for vaginal dilation, or for treatment of vaginal pain or discomfort.

Each FeMani Vibrating Massage Wand kit includes a removable controller handle and 2 different size ends.

Because the Femani is an FDA registered device, if you have a prescription from your health care provider, your purchase may be made with your Health Savings Account funds or Flex Spending accounts or may be eligible for partial reimbursement through some health insurance plans. Please check with your insurance company for more information.

Material: Medical grade ABS plastic ends with silicone buttons on controller.

Measurements of wands in this set:
Size 1 is 0.75" diameter, 6" insertable length
Size 2 is 1.0" diameter, 6.25" insertable length
(Size 3 is sold in a separate set)

Three AAAs are required for size 1; two AAs are required for size 2.