Nina Here Nor There

Nina Here Nor There

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Nina Here Nor There

My Journey Beyond Gender

by Nick Krieger

Described as the next-generation "Stone Butch Blues"--a contemporary memoir of gender awakening and a classic tale of first love and self-discovery.

Ambitious, sporty, feminine "capital-L lesbians" had been Nina Krieger's type, for friends that is. She hadn't dated in seven years, a period of non-stop traveling-- searching for what, or avoiding what, she didn't know. When she lands in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood, her roommates introduce her to a whole new world, full of people who identify as queer, who modify their bodies and blur the line between woman and man, who defy everything Nina thought she knew about gender and identity. Despite herself, Nina is drawn to the people she once considered freaks, and before long, she is forging a path that is neither man nor woman, here nor there. This candid and humorous memoir of gender awakening brings readers into the world of the next generation of transgender warriors and tells a classic tale of first love and self-discovery.

"A new and welcome voice in transgender memoir." --Kate Bornstein, author of Gender Outlaw

"Reading Nina Here Nor There is like taking a tour through San Francisco's transmale culture by the most charming guide you could hope for-- an important contribution to the body of literature about contemporary queer culture and lives. An insightful, accessible, and witty page-turner, Nina Here Nor There is the transgender narrative we've been waiting for.--Lambda Literary

9780807000922, paperback