Transgender Guidebook, The

Transgender Guidebook, The

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The Transgender Guidebook

By Anne L. Boedecker Ph.D.

The Transgender Guidebook: Keys to a Successful Transition is a self-help book for transsexuals. It is a wise and practical guide for any transgender person considering or embarking on a gender transition. It covers everything from the beginning stages of exploration and planning through the process of transformation to life after transition. This is the first book of its kind. There have been many books written by professionals for professionals about working with transgender people, and several written by transsexuals for transsexuals about their experience. This is the first one written by an experienced professional specifically for transgender clients. It will also be of interest to family, friends, allies, clergy, teachers, helping professionals and anyone who cares about the challenges faced by those who seek to have their physical appearance match their gender identity.

9781461006206, paperback

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