A Stand To Pee Device (STP) is an item used by a person born with a vulva to urinate while standing up.  STPs can be convenient for when sitting or squatting to pee isn't an easy or attractive option (such as while camping or doing other outdoor activities, or in places where bathroom facilities are dirty or non-existant).  STPs that are shaped like penises are sometimes used by trans and gender non-binary people in order to feel more in tune with their bodies and/or to use gendered restrooms or urinals without incident.

What to look for when choosing a STP device
Much of the advice below is geared toward transmasculine people, who often have specific needs when it comes to privacy and safety when using an STP. But some advice will still be relevant to all users.

1. Will I be using the STP in privacy, or in a more public place like a urinal, campsite, or worksite?
If you typically plan to use your STP in a bathroom stall, or at home, or any other mostly private place, you might not care so much about how your STP looks, but rather how well it functions. However, if you are planning on using your STP in a men's room at a urinal, or in a semi-public setting such as a campsite, a boat, or a worksite, you may be concerned about what others will see if they catch a glimpse of your STP. If that is the case, you might want to consider a STP packer, or at the very least something that appears to be flesh-toned and that is easily tucked into your pants after use.

2. Do I want a STP that looks like a penis?
As noted above, certain situations for transmasculine people (like urinal use or other semi-public use of your STP) might be safer and less stressful with a STP that looks like a penis. But even for those who always pee in privacy, having a STP that looks like a penis may help them feel more at home in their bodies. Many transmasc people choose prosthetic penises with a STP option for this added sense of well-being.

3. How will I clean and store the STP when not in use?
Some STPs are designed to be easily folded and hidden in a pocket or a bag, while others can be a bit more unwieldy. Keep in mind how you plan to get the STP to the bathroom with you, and whether you'd like to rinse it out and store it again immediately after use.

All STPs, especially STP packers, will take some practice to master. It is best to first practice at home, without your clothes on in the shower to get used to correct placement and flow. While still at home, practice in front of the toilet without clothes, and then finally try it at in front of the toilet while clothed. This is crucial if you plan on using a public urinal! It is better to have any accidents or mishaps at home than when you are out in public.