Private Consultations

Are you dealing with a question, pressing issue, or a life change
 that is related to your gender identity or expression, or the gender identity or expression of a loved one?

Trans Tool Shed's Private Consultation service is
 designed to help meet these unique needs. Appointments are available with our experienced, trans-informed sexuality educators, each of whom has expertise on a variety of topics around transgender identity and community, sexual health and wellness, and healthy relationships.

Consultation sessions are designed around your
 specific situation and any questions you may have.
 The following list is a sample of possible topics that  could be discussed during a Private Consultation.

  • Understanding and supporting a loved one who has come out or disclosed that they are transgender
  • Finding trans-informed and supportive resources in the Milwaukee area
  • Trans-informed and supportive resources for parents of trans kids
  • Talking with your health care provider about your gender identity or transition
  • Talking with your employer about your gender identity of transition
  • Talking with your friends/family/loved ones about your gender identity or transition
  • Gender expression gear (packers, binders, breast forms): use, selection, care, & safety
  • Fertility basics for trans people
  • Genital wellness for trans men
  • Coming out or disclosing you are trans while dating or in intimate relationships
  • Safer sex supplies: use, selection, care, & safety
  • Consent & communication in intimate relationships

What happens in a Consultation session
Private Consultation sessions are scheduled in a 60-minute meeting format.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, all consultations will currently be conducted via phone/internet.  We consult with people from all over the United States.

Sessions are focused on talking, education, and appropriate resource sharing. Please bear in mind that while our staff are trained as educators around trans issues and issues of human sexuality, and while we have thousands of hours of experience speaking to people from all walks of life about these issues, we are NOT medical providers or licensed therapists. Our Private Consultation service should NOT be used to replace consultation with or treatment by a medical or mental health professional if and when such treatment is needed.

Private Consultation rates and payment
The cost of a 60-minute Private Consultation session is $60. Payment must be made in advance of the session. Limited flexible rate slots are available for those with financial need.

How to schedule a Private Consultation
To find out if Private Consultation may be right for you, please contact us via email at:
help at (formatted as an email address).

We will provide you with a short form to complete, along with additional information about consultation options.