Resource Links


      National Center for Transgender Equality – Know Your Rights – Employment:

      Outlines the rights, protections, and procedures transgender employees have to address employment discrimination. Also includes additional resource links.

      Human Rights Campaign – Trans Toolkit for Employers:
      A practical guide for creating a more inclusive workplace for transgender and gender non-conforming employees. 

      Transgender Law Center – Employment Resources:
      Helpful guides including – “Know Your Rights: Transgender People at Work”, “Model Employer Policy”, “Tips for Working with Transgender Coworkers”, and more.

      Identity Documents

      National Center for Transgender Equality - ID Documents Center:
      One-stop hub for state and federal ID name and gender change information, featuring an interactive map, as well as state driver’s license & birth certificate policy scorecards.

      Lambda Legal – FAQ About Identity Documents:

      Information and resources on updating identity documents, including state-by-state guidelines.

      Movement Advancement Project – Identity Documents Laws & Policies:
      A comprehensive listing of state-by-state legal protections and laws affecting th ability to update IDs such as driver’s license, birth certificate, name change, and more.


      Sylvia Rivera Law Project: Your Immigration Rights - Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Intersex Immigrants in New York:
      This brochure covers immigration options and eligibility, applying for asylum, applying for visas, getting immigration documents corrected, traveling as a TGNCI immigrant, and more.

      Transgender Law Center – Immigration Resources:
      Includes guides- “ICE Raids: Know Your Rights as a TGNC Immigrant”, “Credible Fear Interviews: What to Know as a TGNC Immigrant” and a 2016 “Report on the Human Rights Conditions of Transgender Women in Mexico”.


          Fenway Health:
          Fenway Health is a medical and behavioral health provider & research organization with a focus on LGBTQIA+ health. Their transgender health section contains provider support, information about hormone use for trans adults and minors in both English & Spanish, and more.

          WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health):
          One of the oldest transgender healthcare organizations. Tons of resources including their Standards of Care, Listing of Public Policy Statements, Provider Directory Search, resource links and more.

          UCSF – Center of Excellence for Transgender Health:
          Loads of information and resources about trans healthcare including- online learning modules for providers, HIV testing and prevention toolkits, guidelines for affirming care, personalized cognitive counseling, reports, facts sheets, and more.

          Movement Advancement Project – Healthcare Laws & Policies:
          A comprehensive listing of state-by-state insurance non-discrimination laws, Medicaid, and state employee benefits related to transgender healthcare.

          Transgender Law Center – Health Resources:
          Resources including- “Affordable Care Act Fact Sheet”, “10 Tips for Working with Transgender Patients (for Providers), and more.

          Out 2 Enroll
          Out2Enroll offers a variety of resources to help you find health insurance coverage, a provider, PrEP including a state-by-state transgender insurance guide. You can even report healthcare discrimination. 


            National Center for Transgender Equality – Housing & Homelessness
            Includes a “Know Your Rights – Housing & Homeless Shelters”, “Making Shelters Safer for Transgender Evacuees” and “Emergency Weather Preparedness: Info for Trans People” as well as additional resources.

            Transgender Law Center – Housing Resources:
            Resource guides including – “Model Policy and Legal Guide for Homeless Shelters and Housing Programs”, “Tools for Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming People to Address Discrimination” and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)’s 2012 & 2016 Equal Access rules and discrimination complaint form.

            National Coalition for the Homeless – LGBT Homelessness
            Provides statistics and causes of LGBT homelessness, how one can be an advocate for LGBT homeless individuals, and resources including a map of LGBTQ community centers, fact sheets, and more.

              Legal Services

                American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
                The American Civil Liberties Union provides legal and federal advocacy focusing on civil rights. Information for LGBTQ folks including know your rights news, videos, court cases, reports, and other resources.   

                Sylvia Rivera Law Project
                Sylvia Rivera Law Project works to improve access to social, health, and legal services for trans, non-binary and intersex communities. They offer legal services, advocacy, training, publications, and more.

                Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund
                A nonprofit offering education and trainings, and pro bono legal aid for name change services.

                  Parenting & Youth

                    This youth-led organization has stories and resources for trans and gender non-conforming youth, allies and families. Includes videos, campaigns, statements, and a zine and podcast library. 

                    San Francisco State University - Family Acceptance Project
                    A research, intervention, education, and policy initiative that works to prevent health and mental health risks for LGBT children and youth, including suicide, homelessness, and HIV. Resources include helpful publications, family videos, training, and more.

                    Trans Youth Equality Foundation – Resources for Parents
                    Helpful guides including - “Schools in Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools”, a fact sheet on U.S. Dept. of Education Policy Letter on Transgender Students, A Trans Youth Q&A, as well as videos for parents from transgender activists, parents, and a pediatric endocrinologist.

                    One of the largest organizations for LGBTQ folks, their families and allies, providing online training, resources, advocacy and more. 

                      Prisons & Policing

                      Just Detention International:
                      Just Detention International is a health & human rights organization dedicated to ending sexual abuse in all forms of detention. The site includes survivor & provider resources, self-help guides, publications, and more.

                      Black and Pink:
                      A national advocacy organization that assists current and formerly incarcerated queer and transgender individuals through its pen pal program, as well as housing and support services.

                      Transgender, Gender-Variant, Intersex Justice Project:
                      Trans, gender-variant, and intersex-run organization, providing resource guides, media, publications, and support for current & formerly incarcerated trans, non-binary and intersex individuals.

                        Public Accommodations

                          National Center for Transgender Equality - Know Your Rights | Public Accommodation:
                          Covers public accommodations, legal protections, steps to take if you face discrimination, as well as additional resources.

                          Transgender Law Center – Public Accommodations Resources:
                          Resource guides including- “Peeing in Peace”, “Model Policy & Legal Guide for Homeless Shelters and Housing Programs”, “Tools for Addressing Discrimination”.