True Selves

True Selves

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True Selves

Understanding Transsexualism--For Families, Friends, Coworkers, and Helping Professionals

by Mildred L. Brown and Chloe Ann Rounsley

Filled with wisdom and understanding, this groundbreaking book paints a vivid portrait of conflicts transsexuals face on a daily basis-- and the courage they must summon as they struggle to reveal their true being to themselves and others. True Selves offers valuable guidance for those who are struggling to understand trans people and their situations.

Using real life stories, actual letters, and other compelling examples, the authors give a clear understanding of what it means to be transsexual. They also give other useful advice, including how to deal compassionately with trans individuals--by keeping an open heart, communicating fears, pain, and support, respecting choices.

9780787967024, paperback

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