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Trans Elders Tell Their Stories

Edited by Margot Wilson and Aaron Devor

Glimmerings is a compilation of stories told by 15 trans elders.

Champions exist in every community. These are the courageous, resolute, and independent spirits who defy, disrupt, and challenge the status quo; who remain unwaveringly true to themselves and their principles; who resist, persist, and insist on authenticity; who blaze trails for themselves as well as for those who follow; who create opportunities for understanding, learning, and change in the world.

Glimmerings offers stories of trans, non-binary and Two-Spirit champions, innovators, and trailblazers who came of age in the 1930s to the 1980s, before the age of global communication, at a time when the Internet and worldwide connectivity were still visions of the future; when only inflexible, dichotomous categories of male and female existed; when heterosexuality was the only sanctioned form of romantic attraction or sexual conduct; and when any expression of interest outside of these strict prescriptions was severely censured.

These stories are personal, intimate, nuanced, and subjective. They are as idiosyncratic and unique as the individuals telling them. They provide a view that is rarely available and at the core of each is an imperative to recognize, honor, and affirm each person's authenticity.

9781775102748, paperback

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