Inverse Cowgirl

Inverse Cowgirl

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Inverse Cowgirl: A Memoir

by Alicia Roth Weigel

From a celebrated activist on the forefront of fighting for intersex representation and rights--and a subject of the forthcoming documentary Every Body--a funny, thought-provoking collection of essays about owning your identity and living your truth.

Some estimates indicate that two percent of the world's population--the same percentage of humans who have naturally red hair--is born intersex. Yet many people aren't even familiar with the word.

Intersex individuals are born with both male and female sex characteristics, yet many are stripped of their identity at birth when a parent designates M or F on a birth certificate. That subjective choice is often followed by invasive, life-changing surgeries, performed without the individual's consent. Intersex people have become a target of politicians, attacked for who they are and threatened by legislation that attempts to categorize and define them.

Alicia Weigel is fighting back against hate and fearmongering to protect the rights and lives of everyone. In this book, she boldly speaks out about working as a change agent in a state that actively attempts to pass legislation that would erase her existence, explores how we can reclaim bodily autonomy, and encourages us to amplify our voices to be heard.

Disarming, funny, charming, and powerful, this is a vital account of personal accomplishment that will open eyes and change minds.

9780063295285, paperback

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