Trans Man Walks Into a Gay Bar, A

Trans Man Walks Into a Gay Bar, A

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A Trans Man Walks Into a Gay Bar:
A Journey of Self (and Sexual) Discovery

by Harry Nicholas

After his relationship with his girlfriend of 5 years ended, Harry realized he was a single adult for the first time-- not only that, but a single, transmasculine and newly out gay man.

Despite knowing it was the right decision, the reality of his new situation was terrifying. How could he be a gay man, when he was still learning what it was to be a man? Would the gay community embrace him or reject him? What would gay sex be like? And most importantly, would finding love again be possible?

In this raw, intimate and unflinchingly honest book, we follow Harry as he navigates the sometimes fraught and contradictory worlds of contemporary gay culture as a trans gay man, from Grindr, dating and gay bars, to saunas, sex and ultimately, falling in love. Harry's brave and uplifting journey will show you there is joy in finding who you are.

9781839971839, paperback