Hung Jury

Hung Jury

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Hung Jury

Testimonies of Genital Surgery by Transsexual Men

Edited by Trystan T. Cotten

This pioneering anthology is the first of its kind, presenting raw, unadulterated testimonies of transsexual men's experiences of sex reassignment surgery. The collection offers a comprehensive understanding of why transsexual men choose genital surgery and its transformative impact on their lives. Hung Jury has widespread appeal, catching the attention and interests of a wide and diverse readership looking to understand transsexuality, sex, and gender identity.

Trystan T. Cotten is Associate Professor of Gender and African American Studies at California State University, Stanislaus and an international speaker on trans identities and issues. His research and teaching focus on gender, sexuality, race, and nationalism in trans migrations and diasporas. He is also the Managing Editor of Transgress Press and principal architect of its focus as a social entrepreneurial publishing firm devoted to empowering communities of trans and queer experience.

9780615692357, paperback

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