Comprehensive Guide to Intersex, A

Comprehensive Guide to Intersex, A

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A Comprehensive Guide to Intersex

by Jay Kyle Petersen

Intersex is a commonly misunderstood natural human variation. This comprehensive yet accessible resource provides readers with everything they need to know about intersex-- people who are born with any range of sex characteristics that might not fit typical binary notions about male and female bodies.

Covering a wide variety of topics in an easy-to-read way, the book explores what intersex is, what it is not, a detailed overview of 40 or so different variations, historical and social aspects of intersex and medical intervention, along with practical, proven advice on how professionals can help and support intersex people.

Written by an intersex man with over 65 years of first-hand experience, this book is an ideal introduction for any medical, health and social care professional or student, as well as family members and friends, seeking to improve their practice and knowledge.

9781785926310, paperback