Gender Heretics

Gender Heretics

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Gender Heretics:
Evangelicals, Feminists, and the Alliance Against Trans Liberation

by Rebecca Jane Morgan

For decades, conservative evangelicals and so-called gender critical feminists have worked hand-in-hand to oppose trans liberation. But how did this alliance come about? What makes it tick? And how can trans people and allies respond?

In Gender Heretics, Rebecca Jane Morgan tackles this reactionary alliance head on. With unique insight, she explores how theological arguments snaked their way from anti-trans feminist tracts into the everyday practices of evangelical churches today, and how the unlikely alliance remains strong in spite of seemingly irreconcilable worldviews.

Shedding light on the roots of today's transphobic backlash, Morgan provides crucial tools to overcome it, offering a hopeful way forward for Christians and advocating for a full recalibration of evangelical thought on gender identity and trans activism.

Rebecca Jane Morgan is a transfeminist and evangelical Christian, a historian of modern Britain, popular culture, and queer identities.

9780745349015, paperback

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