It's Totally Normal!

It's Totally Normal!

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It's Totally Normal!:
An LGBTQIA+ Guide to Puberty, Sex, and Gender

by Monica Gupta Mehta and Asha Lily Mehta

Mother and teen duo Monica and Asha Mehta work together to answer your most pressing questions. Forget the penis-in-vagina basics - this is a queer friendly guide that'll have you rethinking the very definition of sex. Combining expert advice with the personal experiences of teens all over the world, prepare to plunge into the topics they don't cover in sex ed. Masturbation, pornography, fetishes - if you're not afraid to ask, they're not afraid to answer.

Monica Gupta Mehta is a panromantic and demisexual parent, sex education and SEL (social emotional learning) teacher, and an educational psychologist. Ash Mehta is her nonbinary, lesbian child, and together they are co-founders of Normalizers - an organization that seeks to create safe spaces for LGBTQIA youth. Normalizers began on TikTok and now has over a hundred thousand followers.
9781839973550, paperback