Love, Always

Love, Always

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Love, Always

Partners of Trans People on Intimacy, Challenge and Resilience

Edited by Jordon Johnson and Becky Garrison

In over 50 essays, letters, and poems, readers hear from those who often receive little airtime in popular culture: The partners of transgender people.

In this first-of-its-kind collection, we catch glimpses of love, strife, and growth from those who witness and support gender transition, even as they themselves are going through their own transition in seeing gender, labels, and their own selves anew.

“I have long awaited a collection like this one, and I'm pleased to read one, at long last, and that it is one that tries to represent as many of the kinds of people and experiences as there are, thrills me." --Helen Boyd, author of She's Not the Man I Married and My Husband Betty

"A name that isn't concealed behind a label, or a definition, one that lets us [partners] navigate our own feelings without the cultural baggage of history and popular culture may be har[d] to find. Yet, the men and women and genderqueer writers in this collection are doing just that by writing their stories down, sometimes to themselves in poems and essays, other times in letters to loved ones. The latter can be revealing, wrenching even." --Diane Anderson-Minshall, author of Queerly Beloved: A Love Story Across Genders

9780986084409, paperback

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