NYTC Binder Long
NYTC Binder Long
NYTC Binder Long
NYTC Binder Long
NYTC Binder Long
NYTC Binder Long
NYTC Binder Long
NYTC Binder Long

NYTC Binder Long

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New York Toy Collective got a lot of requests for moisture wicking binders, so they created their own pattern, sourced the materials, and now have them made right here in the USA!  From their efforts came two binder designs: one binder that covers the entire length of the torso (Long design, shown here), and one that covers midway down the torso (Mid Length design).  This product listing is for the Long binder design option.

NYTC spent months working with an acclaimed pattern maker to create a binder with more mobility for your arms and upper back.  This binder offers a comfortable fit without compromising front compression.
The design features a low neck for button-up shirts and v-necks, and additional stitching for a finished look and durability.

The moisture wicking lining helps keep you dry and comfortable. The outside fabric is designed for stealth, a matte white which resembles a typical undershirt.

86% Polyester/14% Spandex.


To find your size, use a flexible tape measure.

1. Wrap the tape measure under your armpits above the chest tissue.
2. Wrap the tape measure around your body at the point where you experience the maximum chest tissue.
3. The average of these two measurements is your binder size. Example: If your first measurement is 30 inches and your second measurement is 34 inches, add the two measurements and divide by 2 to get the average. (30 + 34 = 64.  64 divided by 2 = 32.  An average of 32 would be an XS in the size chart.)
4. Round up for looser fit, round down for a more snug fit.

Be sure to measure using the above instructions!  These binders are measured and fit differently than other brands like Underworks.  Many folks find they wear one size smaller in NYTC's binders than other binder brands.

XS: 32-33"
Small: 34-35"
Medium: 36-37"
Large: 38-40"
XL: 41-43"
XXL: 44-46"

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