Self-Organizing Men

Self-Organizing Men

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Self-Organizing Men

Conscious Masculinities in Time and Space

Edited by Jay Sennett

Self-Organizing Men explores that much-written about, highly politicized, rarely understood phenomenon known as "man." A collection of political cartoons, transgender stories, bio-dude poetry, trans art, drag king experimental prose, and some good ol', yet brand new, theories about (trans)/gender, this book will rock your thoughts about gender and masculinity.

"I found Self-Organizing Men to be funny, challenging, emotional, and educational. I am the parent of a FTM guy: a son who is wonderful in every way. But I must admit that despite years of PFLAG I just did not 'understand' what he and others had experienced, felt, and endured. Not on a gut level anyway. This book finally let me understand that our bodies are not our gender and that love, sex, and yes, happiness lie where your mind and emotions tell you they belong. I recommend this book unreservedly for anyone who loves someone who is transgendered, intersexed, genderqueer, FTM, or just questioning." -James Gerard, parent of an FtM Son

"If you care about gender, read this book. Be ready to have your preconceived notions, even if you developed them in women or gender studies classrooms, challenged. And encourage Jay to publish more like this." -Dr. Nels P. Highberg, Haverford College

9780978597306, paperback