Slingshot Packing Harness
Slingshot Packing Harness
Slingshot Packing Harness
Slingshot Packing Harness
Slingshot Packing Harness
Slingshot Packing Harness

Slingshot Packing Harness

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Slingshot Soft Packing Harness

The Slingshot Soft Harness is designed to be worn with the Model D, Model D Sport, or the Model A STP packers. It is not designed for use with traditional dildos, and it is not designed for sexual use. This is an updated design since the original Model D Harness (Model D Slingshot Harness).

Made with thick and plush high quality elastic. The Soft Slingshot is completely washer and dryer safe.

With no waistband, this harness stays in place with two elastic thigh straps. The elastic has a great stretch and is designed to fit snugly.

Available sizes are:
Sizing options are based on waist size, in inches, but there is no strap that goes around your waist. See the sizing guide image above for actual thigh measurements! XS: approx. waist 24"-28" Small: approx. waist 28"-32" Medium: approx. waist 32"-36" Large: approx. waist 36"-42" XL: approx. waist 42"-48"

Due to the intimate nature of this item, it is non-returnable. Please choose your size carefully, as exchanges will not be made based on size.

This is the harness only; does not include soft packer. The Model D STP packer is shown in the photo for illustration purposes only.

Packing harnesses are straps or specially-made undergarments that are designed to make wearing a soft packer more comfortable and secure.  A packing harness can be as simple as a sewn piece of elastic, or as complicated as multi-pocket, high-tech fabric underwear designed to allow for simple packing, STP (Stand-To-Pee) packers, or pack-and-play options.

What to look for when choosing a packing harness
Here are a few points to consider when choosing a packing harness:

1. Will I be using a STP-packer or non-STP packer?
If you are using a Stand-To-Pee (STP) packer, keep in mind that you'll have to be able to access the funnel or other area where you pee into the packer. Choose a packing solution that gives you easy access to use your STP in a comfortable manner, and also allows you to wear it comfortably throughout the day.

2. Will I be wearing the harness inside my own underwear, or do I want packing underwear with a pouch or rings already built in?
Some harnesses are designed to be minimal, like jock straps or pouches that you can pin or velcro inside any underwear. Other solutions are "regular" underwear with secure packing systems built in. Size and styling may limit your choices for packing underwear. (If you can sew, you can add pouches to your own underwear at home!)

3. How delicate is my soft packer?
Some brands of soft packers are more delicate than others, especially where the shaft of the packer meets the balls. Some users' wear habits or clothing choices also may cause tearing or other problems. If your packer is prone to tearing, you might want to choose a packing solution that keeps your packer fully enclosed inside a pocket, rather than letting the shaft hang free through an opening in the harness. This puts less strain on the packer, and should extend its life.

4. How active do I plan to be?
Finding a secure packing solution is important for not only avoiding damage, but also so that you don't lose your packer accidentally during activities such as contact sports, running, or swimming. Some people use different packing solutions for sports than they do for everyday packing.

5. How much contact do I want between the packer and my skin?
Depending on the material your packer is made of, direct skin contact may prove to be hot, uncomfortable, or irritating during everyday wear. Some harnesses and packing underwear keep a layer of fabric between you and the packer, which can help if you are prone to irritation.