Transpainter Pronoun Pin: They/Them

Transpainter Pronoun Pin: They/Them

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This gorgeous 2-inch square enamel pronoun pin by Madison-based artist Transpainter (Rae Senarighi) is a beautiful way to let folks know the way you'd like to be addressed. Pronouns are shown as white text placed over rainbow florals.

This option is They/Them.  Check out all Trainspainter Pronoun Pin designs here!

Claiming pronouns in public spaces is a great way to show your support for your nonbinary, transgender, queer, and cisgender colleagues across the gender universe. It's a great little reminder you can carry with you in your workspace, waiting room, library, or classroom to let everyone know they are a little safer with you.

Purchasing Transpainter items supports transgender-owned business and a transgender/nonbinary artist.